Why Vegan?

So you ask, “Why vegan?” I can only answer this question for myself and no one else because the reason why I decide to change my lifestyle may be different from someone else’s. I have stated before in my first blog that I do not eat any animal product whatsoever, but there are still products which I use that are not cruelty free. Due to this I do not believe I have the right to label myself a vegan. Instead, rather go by the term of plant-based.  

For me it all started in highschool when I gained a bunch of weight in one year. Looking back, I was eating everything and not doing any kind of physical activity at all. At the beginning of my senior year in highschool I was already starting to do some research, but it was not until the new year of 2016 that I applied what I learned to my life.

Now as to the personal reasons of why I decided to go plant-based is first for my health, second for the animals, and third for the planet. Prior to my research I never gave much thought to veganism, especially how much of an impact the animal agriculture have on the earth and people. Did you know 77% percent of all coarse grains (corn, oats, sorghum, barley) and over 90 percent of all soy grown in the world was fed to livestock instead of for human consumption? The problem with world hunger is not that there isn’t enough food because trust me, we have more food than we will ever need. If only people were more aware of how much impact their decisions have then maybe the problems we try so hard to resolve may be eliminated. Such problems are deforestation, global warming, world hunger, and diseases. I believe that not consuming animal products is best for me, the animals, and the planet.

Here are videos and sites to learn more about veganism. Lastly, I understand that not everyone will see things from my point of view, but I think it is better to be informed and aware than to live blind to the consequences of one’s choices and actions.

Videos and Sites about Veganism

Freelee’s Youtube

Reasons To Go Vegan 

Impact of Vegansim  

Why Vegan In Four Minutes 

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Hi. I am currently a nursing student, but I honestly do not know what I want to with my life. I want to live with purpose and meaning. Anyways, I for sure know I want to inspire and motivate YOU to be your best self. That's why I made this blog post.

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